Loudspeaker volume lowered down in 70,000 mosques in an Islamic country Indonesia !

Effect of increasing complaints by citizens

A decision by Indonesia Mosque Council

Editorial comments

  • If a country, where there is a maximum Muslim population, can decide to reduce the volume of loudspeakers on thousands of mosques, the illegally operated sound of loudspeakers can also be stopped even in secular India !
  • Will Indian Muslims show similar civic sense like Muslims in Indonesia ?

Jakarta (Indonesia) – Indonesia, which has 21 crores i.e. the maximum population of Muslims in the world, has reduced the volume of loudspeakers on 70,000 mosques. ‘Indonesia Mosque Council’ took this decision considering the distress caused to people due to the high volume. The people had started opposing the high pitch of loudspeakers for the past few days. The number of online complaints had also increased. The people complained about the bad effects of loud volume like suffering from depression, anger, insomnia, etc. However, people were not openly opposing it, as it was a sensitive issue.

The President of the Council Yusuf Kalla said the sound system is not good in most of the mosques out of more than 7,50,000 mosques in the country; therefore, the sound of ‘azan’ is quite high. The Council engaged 7,000 technicians to set right the problem and reduce the volume of loudspeakers on about 70,000 mosques in the country.

There is a provision of severe punishment for saying something against religious matters. One woman was sentenced to 1-1/2 years imprisonment for opposing azan’s sound. When a few people from Jakarta complained about the high volume, hundreds of religious fanatics circled their building and the Army had to be brought in to control the situation.

The loudspeaker on mosques opposed in Cologne, Germany

When the Mayor of Cologne, one of the biggest cities in Germany granted permission for playing ‘azan’ on loudspeakers from mosques on Fridays, the staunch patriotic political party AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) strongly opposed the same. The Dy. Spokesperson of this party, Matthius Buschges said that attempts were made to ‘Islamise’ Germany. Due to such decisions, our country looks like an Islamic country. There are 1,20,000 Muslims in Cologne. This forms 12% of the total population of the city.