Afghanistan’s pathetic condition and the stands taken by Pakistan, China and India

(Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

If Pakistan felt that the changeover in Afghanistan was going to be beneficial for them, it was their big mistake !

1. Not a single country has accepted the Taliban; therefore, it is becoming difficult for them to govern Afghanistan !

The discussions widely held on the issues related to Afghanistan for the past few weeks have been a bit diverted. Taliban, China, and Pakistan thought that all the countries would accept the Taliban, but none of them did; nor is any international organisation extending help to them. Many Afghans are making two ends meet by selling their household items. There is a shortage of food grains, mineral oil and cooking gas.

In such a situation, who is going to help them ? Pakistan is not in a position to help and China is not ready to help them; therefore, Afghanistan’s position is becoming increasingly more difficult. Taliban has managed to control over Afghanistan without fighting any battle, but they are finding it tough to run the Government. Taliban has withdrawn women’s rights. Incidents of bomb blasts continue unabated, and there is violence on a large scale. In short, it has become difficult for the Taliban to run the Government.

2. India is going to help Afghanistan only if it fits within the policies of the Indian Government

According to this, India will think of furthering relations with Afghanistan only if it is democratically governed, if women’s rights are restored and if it protects the investments made by India in Afghanistan.

3. India is not much affected by the events in Afghanistan

Some people were trying to scare us that 50,000-60,000 Taliban terrorists have been released and they would enter India, but this has not happened so far. India’s security forces are ready to handle any situation; therefore, there is no need to worry.

Some days ago, the Indian security forces nabbed a few terrorists. They wanted to carry out blast bombs in India. The Taliban has imposed a lot of restrictions on women. On the same lines, posters were displayed in Kashmir instructing young girls and women what they should and not do, but nobody paid attention. It is observed that the Taliban’s effect has considerably reduced on India.

4. Pakistan’s situation has worsened after the Afghanistan changeover and violence has increased

Pakistanis, their Army, intelligence agency ISI were feeling that the Taliban had gained victory over Afghanistan. Pakistan felt that as India had won the war against them in 1971, now it has won the war against Afghanistan with the help of the Taliban, and the superpower US had run away from there. If Pakistan felt that the changeover in Afghanistan was beneficial to them, it was their big mistake.

In Kabul prison, 1,500 terrorists of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan were detained. They were released and they entered Pakistan. Afghanis are going to Pakistan as refugees in large numbers. Since they are going to Karachi for employment, violence is increasing in Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy and condition of their Army are already bad. Now they have to face more problems due to these refugees.

The key international organisations are keeping an eye on them. The United Nations ‘Financial Action Task Force’ is also keeping a watch on Pakistan. There are numerous attacks on the China-Pakistan Highway leading to huge losses to them.

5. China’s expectations are unfulfilled as it could not take advantage of Afghanistan’s disorder

It was said earlier that China would be given the first chance to take out the enormous mineral wealth of Afghanistan, but Afghanistan or the Taliban had different plans.

They gave the rights to take out these minerals, which also contain Lithium, to South Korea; hence, China did not get what it wanted. This was a shock for China. Taliban is trying to show the world that they were not dependent on Pakistan and they will follow their independent policies.

It is, of course, a shock for even Pakistan. Presently, the Chinese share market is down. China is imposing many restrictions on their educational institutions since its economy is going to face a massive upheavel.

– (Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune.

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