Apple brings down ‘Quran’ App in China following Chinese Government’s order

Editorial Comments

  • While China oppresses its Muslims, none of the 52 Islamic countries oppose it. But, if there is even a rumour of Muslims being beaten in India, the organisations that represent these 52 Islamic countries immediately start spewing venom against India ! This happens only due to the suicidal ‘Gandhigiri’ mindset of the Indians !

New Delhi – China ordered mobile phone maker Apple to remove the Quran App from its App store, following which, the App was taken down by Apple. The Quran App is popular among Muslims around the world. Before the App was taken down, 10 lakh people in China were using it, while 3.5 crore people worldwide are using it. China is facing flak due to this action. The Muslim Association of Britain has protested Apple’s action.