Uttar Pradesh : Hindus protest after stray cows spotted with 786 stamped on them

Editorial comment

  • The religious fanatics leave no stone unturned to provoke the docile Hindus. At least now the Hindus must unite, become alert and active in preventing such incidents !

Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh) – Tension ran high in Baraut locality in Baghpat District of Uttar Pradesh on 8th October after local residents spotted a few cows with ‘786’ painted on their thorax at Angadpur-Jahauri village under Binauli Police station area.

According to a newspaper report there are some stray cows roaming in the village. Local villagers allege that some members of the Muslim community caught 2-3 stray cows, and to create communal tension, released them after stamping ‘786’ on them. ‘786’ is the Holy number in Islam. In Arabic, ‘786’ translates to Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem, which means – In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

This angered the villagers who said that such an act was done to deliberately hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. While the cow is treated as a sacred animal in Sanatan Dharma and consumption of its meat is forbidden, there are no such rules for cows in Islam.

When a correspondent contacted Sanjay Kumar, the officer in-charge of Binauli Police station, he confirmed the incident. “It was written with henna which we have removed. No FIR has been lodged in this matter. But we are certainly looking for persons who have done this and for what intention. Stray animals are a big problem in Baghpat. Farmers abandon their old cows on the road. We are watchful about the situation,” said Sanjay Kumar to the correspondent over phone.

Cruelty with cows is not a new thing in Baraut. Last month, a cow was allegedly shot dead at Kotana village where slaughtering takes place frequently. Another incident of encounter between Police and cow -smugglers had taken place at Bopura village in Baraut. Police had arrested a cow-smuggler Noman.