Defence Minister Rajnath Singh unveils Gandhi’s statue in Lakshadweep which was stalled for 11 years due to religious fanatics

Muslim population in Lakshadweep is 98%

Editorial comment

Realise that Mohandas Gandhi favoured the Muslims throughout his life; still, Muslims do not feel that his statue should be erected. This is a slap on the face of the politicians who appease Muslims for votes.

Kavaratti (Lakshadweep) – A full statue of Gandhiji was unveiled by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on the occasion of the 152nd  birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi. This is the first statue of Gandhiji in Lakshadweep. Earlier, in the year 2010, a bust of Gandhiji was to be unveiled in Lakshadweep but local religious fanatics opposed it saying they cannot accept idol worship. (What do the Congressmen who boast of being Gandhians have to say about this ? – Editor) Because of this, the then Congress Government had not installed the statue of Gandhi. (This shows the depth of Congress’s love for Gandhi – Editor) Now after 11 years, Gandhi’s statue has been unveiled there.

Muslims constitute 98% of the population of Lakshadweep. The religious fanatics opposed it because any statue that is unveiled will have to be decorated with flowers, and it will have to be respected as well. This would mean a violation of Sharia law.