A pastor raped a widow for two years in Chhattisgarh

Christian pastor’s lustful act under the garb of religious services revealed !

The victim was converted ten years ago

Editorial comment

Realise that only based on so-called allegations against Hindu Saints, the media (which has been conducting ‘media trials’ for many days), is covering up the criminal activities of Christian pastors !

Dantewada (Chhattisgarh) – A pastor of a church, in Gidam town in the Naxal-affected Dantewada district, repeatedly raped a 35-year-old widow. After the victim became pregnant, he forced her to take abortion pills that he bought from a drug store. As a result, the victim’s condition deteriorated and she had to be admitted to the hospital. Looking at the serious condition of the victim, doctors shifted her to the District hospital for treatment. Police have arrested the pastor.

According to the Police, the victim’s husband had died 12 years ago. She has a daughter whom she kept at her in-laws. The victim was making ends meet on daily wages. Once she fell very ill. Christian pastor helped her heal. He then converted her. He also gave her a house to live in. (Cunning Christians who take advantage of the helplessness of Hindus ! If Hindus had received education on Dharma, they would have been able to face difficult situations in their lives with patience.-Editor)

Police further said that about two years ago, Pastor Babulala Nag (age 43) had lured the victim to marry him. He has been raping the victim ever since. During this period, the victim became two months pregnant. The pastor then ordered her to have an abortion. As a result, her condition became critical and she had to be admitted to a local hospital.