Protest against human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir : Taliban

Editorial comment

Jammu and Kashmir is India’s internal matter. India should tell the Taliban not to poke its nose in it. Also, the Taliban should be warned of Military action for making such statements.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Muslims are treated disreputably in some parts of the world. Muslims are being persecuted. It is worrying and we are against it. Human rights are being violated in Jammu and Kashmir. We oppose this, said Zabiullah Mujahid, Spokesperson and Deputy Minister of the Information Department of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan. Earlier, the Taliban had initially said that ‘Kashmir is a matter of India’, but had later said that they ‘will raise voice for all the Muslims of the world’.

Appreciation of Pak

Speaking about Pakistan, Zabiullah said that Pakistan is our neighbouring country. We are grateful to Pakistan for its role in Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs good relations with the international community. We want to enhance our trade and economic ties. It is expected that the neighbouring countries will continue to support Afghanistan before the international community. (To have a cordial relation, it is necessary to be cultured and have a proper democratic system. It is foolish for terrorists to expect others to treat them well; the Taliban should know this better. – Editor)