Depression during pregnancy increases a child’s risk of mental problems : Study of psychiatrists in Bristol University

Editorial comment

From this, we can realise why it is essential to teach spiritual practice (Sadhana) to every element of society. In Hindu sanskruti, a pregnant woman is advised to read religious books, perform sadhana, etc. From this study, it will be clear why this is important.

London (Britain) – Women who are in depression during pregnancy, their children get also affected mentally. Compared with other children, these children suffer more depression, claimed the expert psychiatrists in Bristol University based on their study. They conducted this study for 14 years. During this period, they observed the mental health of more than 5,000 children till they reached the age of 24 years.

1. As per the opinion of the psychiatrists, if a woman is in postpartum depression then that might affect the child. During pregnancy and after the baby is born, the parents should take care of their mental health.

2. Those mothers who suffered postpartum depression their children’s depression worsens during adolescence. In comparison, children of women who had mental problems during pregnancy had an average level of depression. Children suffered the most mentally when their mothers were in depression during pregnancy and after the delivery.

3. Joan Black of ‘Royal College of Psychiatrist’ said that, if the parents are suffering from depression, then children will have to face problems in the future. Good thing is that its treatment is possible; all that is required is to seek help.

4. According to the latest estimates of the Royal College, during the Corona period, more than 16,000 women could not get the necessary help after delivery.  They went into depression.

5. One of the research team members, Dr Priya Rajguru opined that if the father is in depression then also it affects children. Since this depression is due to one state of mind, it does not affect children much. To maintain the mental health of their adolescent children, parents will have to try to overcome it before the child is born.

6. More than 2,000 teenagers are seeking National Health Service (NHS) mental health help every day. From this, we can imagine how bad the mental health of adolescents is. Between April and June alone, 1.9 lakh adolescents under the age of 18 were referred for NHS mental health, according to NHS figures. Experts of the Royal College say that there was already pressure on teenagers, Corona has increased it further.