Thousands of armed religious fanatics attack Police in Assam during action taken against encroachment

Religious fanatic attackers get killed in Police firing in self-defence

9 Policemen seriously injured

Editorial comments

  • Realise that an armed attack on the Police for taking action against encroachment on Government land is a mini-war ! Unity amongst religious fanatics is creating problems even for the Police and administration, then what will be the condition of Hindus in such a case ?
  • The Central Government should help the Assam State Government in taking stringent action against such religious fanatics who are going against the law and should try to quash such aggressive attitude of religious fanatics.

Darang (Assam) – The Police squad that had gone to take action against encroachments at Dhaulpur in Darang District was attacked by thousands of religious fanatic agitators. The Police had to fire at them in self-defence, and Saddam Husain and Sheikh Farid died in this firing. In this violence, 9 Police have been injured and some of them are in serious condition. Among them is a Police Sub-Inspector Moniruddin, who has been seriously injured. It is stated that many of the attackers were armed.

800 families, that became homeless due to the demolition of unauthorised structures, started agitation for their rehabilitation; during which they became aggressive and started pelting stones at the Police. They even had arms when the Police started firing.

Police started firing in self-defence – Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

State Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the armed demonstrators attacked the Police with sharp weapons and stones, therefore, the Police had to start firing in self-defence. Despite this incident, the removal of encroachments will go on. Till now, 602 hectares of land has been freed of the encroachments. (Why were the rulers and Police so indifferent and did not take action against encroachments in time, but let the problem aggravate ? – Editor)  

Criticism by Rahul Gandhi

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has ‘tweeted’ on this incident and said that Assam is currently singeing in the sponsored fires. I support the brothers and sisters of Assam. (Only due to the support of the Congress and Gandhi family to religious fanatic encroachers, have such encroachments have taken place and bourgeoned. – Editor)  

Encroachment on 30,000 acres of land

According to the sources, 30,000 acres of land has been occupied through encroachments. There is a 5,000 years old Shiva temple and cave on this land. Most of the people who have encroached on this land are religious fanatics. The Government gave instructions to the Administration to remove all encroachments and free the land. The religious fanatics have claimed that the Government had promised to rehabilitate the people while removing the encroachments.