Religious fanatics in Pakistan gang-raped a Hindu girl for 3-months and then forcibly converted her to Islam

Editorial Comment

  • When will the Indian Government act to stop the atrocities perpetrated on Pakistani Hindus ?

New Delhi – Armed religious fanatics kidnapped a Hindu girl from Pakistan’s Sindh Province and gang-raped her for three months. After that, they forcefully converted her to Islam. After this, she escaped from their clutches, but the Government has not provided her custody to her parents yet. Her parents are trying to get their daughter back.  However, due to Pakistani laws, it is not easy, informed Pakistani descent Rahat Austin, a Human Rights Activist in South Korea. (A Foreigner Human Rights Activist gets the information, but why the news media in India not broadcasting it ? In reality, not only in Pakistan but wherever in the world atrocities are perpetrated on Hindus, that information should be provided by the Indian Government through media. The Government should also inform the public what it is doing to give justice to the victims. – Editor)