ISI preparing to use Islamic state terrorists against India

ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan`s conspiracy exposed

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When will India realise that the only way to stop such activities is to destroy the ‘terror machine’ Pakistan ?

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New Delhi – Many Islamic State militants have been released from prisons after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is reportedly preparing to move terrorists to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to attack India.

Earlier, the names of Islamic State militants surfaced during an attack on Kabul airport. A large number of civilians, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in this attack. According to news agencies, the terrorists will be relocated to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir after being equipped with weapons left behind by US troops in Afghanistan and from there they would be sent for the terror activities. In addition, more than 8,000 militants from Pakistan were sent to Afghanistan to help the Taliban. They were seen returning to Pakistan after finishing the combat in Afghanistan. They can also be sent to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir by ISI.