In a conversion case, a mob enters the Police station and beats up 3 persons including a pastor !

In another incident, a Christian missionary gets thrashed by people at his house !

Editorial comments

  • Under a pro-Christian Congress Government, the number of Christian missionaries is bound to increase and nothing is surprising in people being harassed by them. If people are taking the law into their hands because of a lack of control over incidents of conversions, the pro-Christian policies of the Congress Government are responsible for the same.   
  • The Central Government needs to pass a law as soon as possible, prohibiting conversions; else recurrence of such incidents might create law and order problems leading to unrest in the country.

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) – Harish Sahu, a pastor was called by the Police of Basti Police station in connection with the accusation of conversion against him. He was accompanied by Chhattisgarh Christian Forum’s General Secretary Ankush Bariykar and Prakash Masih. (Realise that these converted people retain their Hindus’ names because it becomes easy for them to mislead Hindus and convert ! – Editor) The three persons were beaten by the mob entering the Police station. A video on this incident has become viral on social media. The Christians held prayers outside the Police station as protest while Hindus read Hanuman Chalisa.

A Christian missionary was thrashed for converting Hindus in the Kabirdham District

In another incident, in a remote village of Kabirdham District, a Christian missionary Kawalsingh Paraste was thrashed by the residents in his house. The crowd gathered outside his house raised slogans demanding to stop conversions of the tribal people. The Christian missionary was also warned against converting the tribal people. The President of Chhattisgarh’s Christian Forum had accused the State Government and the Police of not taking proper action against the alleged offenders. (Outrageous Christians ! Activities of the fanatic Christians are responsible for the crowd’s fury; therefore, action should first be taken against such fanatic Christians. – Editor)