Conversion of Hindu youth by Maulana in Mewat (Haryana) District

Religious fanatics shout ‘no sense in Murti worship’

Beaten up for refusing to eat beef

Editorial comments

  • Now is the time that the Central Government should prepare a national level anti-conversion law to stop the conversion of Hindus.
  • Due to a lack of education on Dharma among Hindus, they fall prey to temptations and convert. The Central Government should make comprehensive arrangements for imparting education on Dharma to Hindus.
  • The ‘peace envoys’ commit violence even when the religious aspect of the minorities are accidentally insulted on Facebook, whereas Hindus remain quiet even after someone disparages the Hindu worship method.
  • Realise that due to the lack of such religious zeal in Hindus, they have no value anywhere in the world today.

Mewat (Haryana)- It has come to light recently that poor Hindus are being systematically converted by religious fanatics in the State. At Barot in the Mewat District of Haryana State, Maulana converted a Hindu youth named Manoj Kumar by showing the lure of money. He was then beaten by four fanatics, including two Maulana, for not eating beef, also used insulting words about Hindu Deities, stated that there is ‘no sense in Idol worship’ (Murti Puja). A complaint has been lodged against the four in this case. Police have arrested Abu Bakar and are searching for the others.

Dainik Punjab Kesari reported that according to the information given by the victim Manoj Kumar, on April 20, Abu Bakar Maulana Dilshan, Maulana Mubin, Master Sohrab, etc. had converted him by showing the lure of money. At that time, Dilshan prepared the documents and asked him to convert as well. Manoj said that they all together created such a situation where he was forced to convert. After his conversion, he was offered some money and promised to marry.

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After his conversion, he was relocated to Salamba and was asked to convert other Hindus. When the accused urged him to eat beef, he refused to eat it. So he was beaten up.

When he realised the true nature of religious fanatics, he informed his father about it. The accused tried to convert the father who had come to visit him. Manoj freed himself from the clutches of the accused and lodged a complaint directly with the Superintendent of Police. Manoj said the accused runs centres : Dawat E Islamic, Global Peace. Through these Centres, they try to convert poor Hindus.