We will get the blessings of Deities and the Guru only when our worship is bhav-enriched !

Worship done with bhav helps emit Chaitanya which is beneficial to the worshipper and others in the premises !

Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal

Bhav (Spiritual emotion) is very important in every action in Spirituality. Spiritual benefit can be obtained if along with praying and chanting, we worship Deities and the Guru with intense bhav. Performing all rituals with faith and surrender, will be real worship of a Deity.

Worshipping a picture or an Idol of a Deity as per the guidance of the Scriptures and as expected by the Deity, amounts to worship in the true sense. Likewise, when worshipping in the Dhyanmandir (Meditation Hall) in Sanatan’s Ashrams and Sevakendras or in the temple at home, we must have bhav that the ‘Deity, Saint or Guru are actually present there’. Worship done with bhav, enables the emission of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) which is beneficial to the worshipper and others present in the premises. Everyone gets the blessings of the Deity and the Guru, and get spiritual experiences; it also increases positive energy and sattvikata (Spiritual purity) in the environment. However, if the worship lacks bhav then the Deity is displeased and no spiritual benefit is obtained. On the contrary, it increases negative energy in the environment and reduces the Chaitanya in the premises.

Therefore, worship should not be done as a household chore or just as a daily duty. Will worship of the Deity (who is nurturing us) done as if finishing a chore, be called worshipping a Deity ? Why should God bestow His grace upon us if we act like this ? Hence, having realised this, if we worship in a bhav-enriched manner and emotion, the Deity will bless us immensely.

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal (6.7.2021)