Stop denigration of Deities taking place through the medium of rakhis

Sattvik (Spiritually pure) rakhi

Select a rakhi which will preserve the God Principle for a longer period. In the absence of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) and sattvikata in the rakhi, the benevolent waves will not be attracted and the embodied souls and their attitudes will become rajasik-tamasik.

A sattvik rakhi in which the Divine Principle can get attracted and retained should be bought. The subtle effect given ahead depicts how Sanatan-made rakhi is sattvik.

1. Divine Principle is attracted towards the Guru-disciple logo on the rakhi. A spiral of this Divine Principle is created.

2. A spiral is created in the rakhi in the form of the nirguntattva.

3. A flow of Chaitanya is also attracted.

A spiral of Chaitanya is generated in the rakhi.

  • Through this spiral, a flow of Chaitanya is emitted into the environment.
  • Particles of Chaitanya are emitted into the environment.
  • Vibrations of Chaitanya flow from the thread of the rakhi. Therefore, the brother obtains Chaitanya when the rakhi is tied to his wrist.

4. A flow of spiritual energy is attracted to the rakhi.

  • A spiral of spiritual energy is activated.
  • Particles of spiritual energy are emitted from this spiral.

5. A spiral of bhav is generated in the rakhi if while tying the rakhi the sister has the bhav that she is tying the rakhi to the God Principle in her brother.

  Asattvik rakhis (See some shown below)

  • Over time, sattvik rakhis have disappeared and today, various types of rakhis are available in the market. Most of them are gaudy and are not sattvik. The subtle effect of such rakhi is as follows.

1. An illusory flow is attracted to the rakhi

  • An illusory spiral is generated in the rakhi due to the various colourful and flashy items used in making the rakhi.
  • Illusory vibrations spread in the body of the brother upon wearing such a rakhi.
  • Illusory particles remain active for a long time in his body.

2. Tama predominant flow of black energy is attracted to the rakhi

  • A Tama predominant and thorny spiral is generated in the rakhi and a spiral of Tama component revolves in an activated form in the wrist of the brother.
  • Tama predominant vibrations spread in the body of the brother. These vibrations enter every action performed through his hands.
  • Particles of Tama component spread in his body.

3. Tama predominant vibrations spread in the body of the sister tying the rakhi

4. Tama predominant illusory particles spread in the environment

To understand how to celebrate Hindu festivals in the appropriate manner, please read Sanatan’s Spiritual text – ‘Holy festivals, Religious festivals and Vowed religious observances’

Examples of denigrating rakhis

Rakhis of Deities
Greedy and thoughtless Hindus who use Hindu festivals to depict anti-national aspects such as India-Pak friendship !
‘Subtle’ is that which is beyond the comprehension of the five sense organs, mind and intellect. People who have progressed spiritually can perceive the subtle vibrations. Various Scriptures contain reference to subtle knowledge.

(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)