The Intelligence Department and CBI are not cooperating with the judiciary : Supreme Court rebukes

  • Issue of the murder of additional sessions Judge at Dhanbad
  • Supreme Court issues notice for submission of report on security
Editor’s comments

  • The citizens feel that the Court should punish those who do not cooperate with them.
  • Are the security agencies, which are not helping even the judicial system, likely to help ordinary citizens ?

New Delhi – The Intelligence Department and CBI do not help the judicial system. They do not respond to complaints made by judges, rebuked the Supreme Court. CBI has been asked to submit a report on security measures undertaken for the safety of judges as it is investigating the murder of additional Session Court’s judge Uttam Anand. The next hearing of the case will be held on 9th August. The Supreme Court has instructed the States to submit a report on security provided to judicial officials.