More than 100 Nigerians living illegally in Delhi

Nigerians swindled Indians of Crores of rupees through online transactions

Editor’s comment

If this is the situation of the capital Delhi, then one cannot imagine what will be the situation in other parts of the Country. Were the Police and Intelligence Department sleeping till the Indians were deceived by the Nigerians staying illegally in India ?

New Delhi – More than 100 Nigerians are living illegally in Delhi. Some of them came to India with medical or tourist visa and are staying in Delhi even after their visa has expired. They are swindling crores of rupees from people across the country through online transactions. The Police have collected their information from Okurivama Mosses who has been taken into custody.

The information about the fraud was revealed from his confiscated mobile. Moses’ female friend from Kanpur helped him. “She will be taken into custody soon,” Police said. The accused Nigerian used a current SIM card in India to open a bank account with fake documents and cheated people through it.