V Standard textbook of Bihar Education Board includes a lesson on Jesus Christ influencing the young minds

Editor’s comments

  • Hindus feel that BJP, which is a ruling party in the coalition Government in Bihar, should instruct the Education Board to remove this lesson
  • Devout Hindu organisations should also follow up on the matter till this lesson is removed from the textbook.
  • A few years ago, ‘Sarvatmaka Sarveshwara..’, a poem by Kusumagraj was removed from the school curriculum in Maharashtra due to opposition by the religious fanatics. How can lessons on non-Hindus be allowed ?

Patna (Bihar) – There is a lesson on Jesus Christ in the fifth standard textbook titled ‘Blossom -Part-4’ in the curriculum of the State Education Board’s ‘State Council of Educational Research and Training’. This lesson can influence the minds of young students. The lesson’s title is ‘Jesus to Super’. There is a fictional story in this lesson describing the eagerness of a family to meet Jesus and attempts made to acquire Jesus’s grace.