Woman sexually abused and converted by a religious fanatic Tantrik

  • An incident in the Shahdara area of Delhi
  • The victim’s minor niece was also raped by the fanatic for many years
  • Why is the so-called secularism-promoting media silent while women are being tortured by religious fanatics ? Don’t they want to hold experts’ debate on this too ?
  • No wonder if someone demands that such lust-filled fanatics be punished as per the Sharia law !

Delhi – Local Police have registered 2 FIRs against a religious fanatic Tantrik for sexually abusing a woman and her niece living in the Shahdara area. The fanatic converted the woman but failed to convert her niece as she protested.

1. According to the victim, she was ten years old in 2005 when she went to a Tantrik named Zakir to cure her ailment. From then on, he kept visiting her house. The victim’s parents were teachers. Later, her mother passed away.

2. The accused first raped the victim when she was thirteen years old. He has been sexually abusing the victim ever since. During this period, the accused made the victim undergo four abortions. He also made the victim’s minor niece the prey of his lust.

3. Zakir made a false affidavit showing that the victim was born in 1985 when it was 1995. He then forcibly married her. After her father’s death, the accused forbid her to perform cremation as per Hindu customs and instead buried the body as per Islamic rituals.

4. Two FIRs have been registered in the Shahdara Police Station as per the complaints of both the victims. As one of the victims is a minor (woman’s niece), the accused has also been charged under POCSO; however, he has been surprisingly granted interim bail. The victim has alleged that the Police deliberately showed negligence in the complaints to assist the accused. (No wonder if the public feels that the increase in rape cases in society is because the Police are not helping the victims but helping the accused. – Editor)

5. The victim’s niece said, ‘Zakir raped me when I was in 4th standard. He then continued to sexually abuse me. Since 2017, I started to oppose him. He then physically abused me. Though I was 16 when I lodged a complaint with the Police, I was deliberately reported to be 21 years old’. (Such Policemen should be immediately suspended and stern action should be taken against them ! – Editor)