China bans Indian magazine for referring to it as ‘Super Spreader’ of Covid-19

  • China bans an Indian magazine just for publishing news critical of it; whereas, India does not ban Chinese products despite frequent anti-India actions by China. It shows China’s self-respect and India’s lack of self-esteem. The Government  should change this situation.
  • When will India ban foreign media like New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, etc.. that publish anti-India content ?

Beijing (China) – China has banned an Indian magazine ‘Swarajya’ for referring to it as a ‘Super Spreader’ of Covid-19 in one of the articles. According to several scientists across the world, the coronavirus originated from a well-known laboratory in Wuhan, China.

‘Swarajya’ is a nationalist magazine in India that covers news on various topics such as politics, defence, economics, and Indian culture. A detailed article titled ‘Super Spreader China covers up, WHO plays along, and before you know it, humanity is facing its biggest threat yet’ was published in this magazine as a cover story. The cover page also features a picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Taking objection to the news, China has banned the magazine in the country.