A flood-relief aid campaign by HJS, Sanatan Sanstha and local organisations in Ratnagiri District

Mumbai – Floods caused due to incessant rains in Chiplun in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra have taken a heavy toll in some areas of the city. Many houses were flooded spoiling the household items. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), Sanatan Sanstha and some other local organisations are distributing food packages to the flood victims as their social duty. So far, 2,302 people have received the aid. The grocery items such as rice, flour, spices, onions, potatoes, candles, and matchboxes were distributed.

  1. With the collapse of two bridges in Chiplun, it had become difficult to provide aid to the flood-affected victims in Bhoidvadi, Muradpur Sai Temple area, Shankarvadi, and Dadar, Kadvad areas of the rural part. An alternative route was used to provide the aid. The aid was also provided to people in Ovali (Sukivalivadi) where the landslide had occurred. Many houses in Dadar and Dadar Kadwad had washed away in the floods. Aid was provided to families from this area as well.
  2. On 28th July, aid was provided at Dalvatane, Bagvadi and Samarthnagar by Susanskrut Group Mirjole – Ratnagiri, Shrinagar Utsav Mandal – Ratnagiri, and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti respectively.
  3. On 29th July, aid was provided to Bhuvadvadi in Majare Kashi of Chiplun Taluka, Salunkhevadi, Pednekarvadi and Kumbharvadi in Chiplun city. The flood-affected people were also provided with psychological support during the campaign.