Indian photojournalist killed by Taliban

The Taliban shot Danish Siddiqui and crushed his head under a vehicle after realising his Indian origin : Afghan Commander

  • Although the Talibans are Muslim, and the photojournalist was also a Muslim, the Taliban killed the photojournalist out of anger that he was an Indian. Will the Indian Muslims realise it ?
  • Regarding the Taliban’s cruel act, will the Indian Muslims, Mullahs, Maulvis, and Imam say something ?

New Delhi – Indian photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Danish Siddiqui was killed in Afghanistan a few days ago. He was shot dead and said to be killed by the Taliban, but the Taliban refuted the claims. In an interview with News Channel ‘Aaj Tak’, Afghan Commander Bilal Ahmed said that after the Taliban terrorists shot Siddiqui, they ran a four-wheeler over his head. Danish Siddiqui was on a photo news assignment in Afghanistan through the international news channel Reuters.

Commander Ahmed said that the Taliban terrorists first shot Siddiqui which killed him instantly. Then they realised that Siddiqui was an Indian national. As the Taliban has anger towards India, they mutilated the dead body of Danish Siddiqui. The Taliban terrorists ran a vehicle over Siddiqui’s head and crushed it.

Danish should have sought their permission before coming to Afghanistan, says the Taliban

Taliban Spokesperson and Commander Maulana Yousaf Ahmadi told news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ that they did not kill Siddiqui. (Taliban’s lie ! If the Taliban did not kill Siddiqui who else would kill him and why ? Can the Taliban explain it ? – Editor) He also said that Siddiqui was with the enemy and if he wanted to come to Afghanistan, he should have contacted Taiban.