Pakistan Government withdraws cases against 350 accused in the Hindu Temple burning case

‘Hindus have pardoned the miscreants’ claims the Provincial Government

  • It is clear that Pakistan taking so-called action against the injustice on minority Hindus in Pakistan is just a superficial act. India should protest against it and pressurise Pakistan to take an action against the accused. Hindus in Pakistan will feel supported only if India does something about it.
  • It is not a surprise that such an incident is happening in an Islamic country like Pakistan ! Realise that none of the international Human Rights Commission, secularists, and so-called progressives in India utter a single word of protest against it.

Peshawar (Pakistan) – Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa District in Pakistan has decided to withdraw cases against 350 people accused of burning down a Hindu Temple last year. The Government has claimed, ‘the cases are withdrawn after the local Hindus have pardoned the accused’. In a reconciliation meeting held by the Government, Hindus made an out-of-court settlement to pardon the mob accused of vandalising the temple. Meanwhile, Hindus are not so happy with the decision to withdraw the cases. They said that rebuilding the temple has been delayed even after the Government’s assurances.

  1. Haroon Sarab Diyak, a Human Rights Activist said, “we are not against peace and interfaith harmony but the attempts made to withdraw the cases are inappropriate. The local Hindu community has not been taken into confidence except the Chairman of the Pakistan Hindu Council Dr. Ramesh k Vanwani”.
  2.  Parmahans Samadhi and Temple from Karak’s Teri District was vandalised and set on fire last year. Cases against 350 miscreants were filed and 92 Police officers were suspended.