Life exists on other planets of the universe too – Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator

Expressed hopes of future communication with the aliens

According to Hindu Dharma, there are an infinite number of universes and the existence of Earth-like life. Saints of the highest order already know about it. They even travel to such planets through their subtle body, various examples of which are available in the Holy scriptures. Science has not been able to discover such life because it is still in its infancy.

Washington (US) – NASA Administrator and former astronaut Bill Nelson believes it is likely that humans will get some kind of indication that intelligent life outside of our own exists in the universe. He said, ‘Humans are not alone in the universe. There are likely to be more intelligent beings in this universe than us. We refer to them as intelligent life, while in common parlance, they are called aliens’. He was speaking in an interview to a television channel. Nelson’s statement came on the backdrop of the Pentagon’s report, which was released a few weeks ago and claimed ‘We do not confirm the existence of aliens’.

1. Nelson further said, ‘In some corner of the universe, there are people from another world. Life does exist on planets other than Earth. NASA is constantly monitoring it. It is paying close attention to their signals and spaceships in space’.

2. Nelson said, ‘The universe is billions of years old. So, in other places too, it is highly likely that the Sun, another earth, and earth-like atmosphere exists. We are just waiting for their signals. There will come a time when we will interact with life on other planets’.

3. Lisa Kaltenegger of Cornell University in New York, and Jackie Faherty of ‘American Museum of Natural History’ said, ‘There are 1,715 star systems in all four directions of the Earth with aliens existing on it. Out of these, 1,402 stars are in the right position to have spotted life on Earth. When the Earth travels close to these stars, they can watch the Earth. 313 stars are a little farther from the earth, yet they capture or intercept radio waves sent from the Earth’.