Chinese military working in Sri Lanka evokes furor and resistance from local citizens

The citizens of Sri Lanka should unite and oppose China, and get rid of them else it will not be a surprise if China captures Sri Lanka.

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – Sri Lanka has given its Hambantota port for development to China. After local citizens spotted the Chinese military men working near an old tank, it caused furor and concerns. Local citizens could spot them because these men were wearing Chinese military uniforms. Chinese Embassy dismissed these allegations and clarified that even though they were wearing Chinese military uniforms, they were not Chinese military. (If they were mere workers, why were they wearing clothes resembling the Chinese military ? Why doesn’t China answer this question – Editor) Sri Lankan Government has also dismissed concerns regarding the presence of the Chinese military. According to the Government, Chinese workers were wearing clothes resembling the Chinese military uniform. As per Sri Lankan law, wearing or even possessing a military uniform while not serving the military is a punishable offence.

  1. According to the reports, before commencing dredging near the tank no permit was obtained from Sri Lanka’s Department of Archeology. (It is evident that ever since China stepped into Sri Lanka, it has started claiming ownership rights. – Editor)
  2. Sri Lanka’s MP and ‘Field Marshal’ Sarath Fonseka expressed his unhappiness and openly alleged that Chinese military personnel and officers have intruded and are working in the country.
  3. Sri Lanka’s opposition party is objecting to the fact that Sri Lanka has given China the ‘Colombo Port City’ project on a 99-year-old lease.