Drone spotted over Indian High Commission in Pakistan

India strongly protests

  • Is the mere protest sufficient ? What would be the consequences had the drone carried out a bomb blast on the Indian High Commission ?
  • The Government does not hold discussion with Pakistan but still there is an Indian High Commission in Pakistan, similarly, Pakistan also has its High Commission in India. All politicians have done the same since 74 years of Independence. Why do they not realise that Pakistan will never change its attitude ? What is the use of such High Commissions ? India’s such policies have made Pakistan headstrong. At least now, the Indian Government should break all relations with Pakistan and tear it to shreds.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – After a few drones were spotted in various areas of Jammu, a drone was also spotted directly over the Indian High Commission in Pakistan. This is the first time a drone was spotted over the Indian High Commission and Indian official’s residence. This area is considered to be the safest area in Islamabad. India has registered its strong protest with Pakistan over the security breach.

The CCTV footage of the drone hovering over the Indian High Commission compound is being investigated. Recently, India had raised the drone attack issue at the United Nations, “Usage of drone by terrorists is very much a matter of concern. If no proper action is taken against it, it will be hard to win this war against the terrorism”.

Pakistan ignores India’s protest

Pakistan has not even taken a note of India’s protest against drone spotting. India has not received any reply from any Government officials of Pakistan.

India shoos a Pakistani drone from Jammu-Kashmir

Alert BSF troops fired at a Pakistani drone trying to enter the International border. Due to this firing, the drone vanished. The drone was spotted hovering over the area 10 times in last few days.