AIIMS Director warns ‘Corona has not gone yet, but constantly mutating’

New Delhi – ‘Corona has not gone yet, but constantly mutating’ warned Chairperson of Covid task force Dr. Navneet Vig, from one of the topmost medical institutes of India, ‘All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ (AIIMS). Since the second wave of Covid is subsiding throughout the country, many States are relaxing the lockdown restrictions.. Since then, people are coming out of their houses and crowding public places. Citizens are not even following the basic rule of wearing masks. Dr. Vig has warned people based on this scenario.

Dr. Vig has said ‘We have to be careful. People should wear clean masks and get vaccinated as early as possible, including following Covid related precautions. If the third wave arrives, who are we going to blame ? We should plan standards such that each District will have active patients (positivity rate) less than 1%. Additionally, every District should have minimum 50% oxygen beds free.