Pakistan NGOs raised funding in crores of Rupees on the pretext of helping India in its fight against the Covid-19 crisis

The collected money is likely to be used for sponsoring terror activities

NGOs of Pakistan are just like Pakistan. Indian Government should raise this issue globally and such NGOs should be investigated, and the money collected thus should be seized and given to India.

New Delhi – Amid the devastating second wave of Covid-19 in India, US-based Pakistan linked NGOs collected funds in crores claiming to help India in its fight against the Covid-19 crisis. But, according to the report prepared by Disinfo Lab, the collected money is likely to be used for sponsoring terror activities in India.

  1. A report by Disinfo Lab states a Pakistani non-subsidised charity organisation started a campaign called ‘Help India Breathe’ to raise funds for India in its Covid-19 crisis. They claimed to provide India with oxygen cylinders, ventilators, vaccination and other medical facilities. Many people from Pakistan donated big amounts through this campaign.
  2. The report states, these charity organisations have links with the Pakistan military. They might be following the leads of the Pakistan Army. Hence, the money collected is likely to be used to sponsor terror activities against India.
  3. As per the reports, these organisations have close links with IMANA (Islamic Medical Association of North America). There is no report on how much amount was collected under this campaign. Also, there is no accountability of how and where the money is being spent. Disinfo Lab claims, this is one of the worst scams in human history. Their report also claims, IMANA, which was founded in 1967 has no working office anywhere and they have not been doing any charitable work.