Seven individuals gang-rape a ten-year-old girl In Haryana

Out of the seven accused, only one is above 18 years. Rest are within an age group of ten to twelve years

These boys shot the video of the gang-rape.

  • If children between ten to twelve years of age carry out the rape, the definition of major to be above 18 years need to change. The Government should take this seriously and amend the POSCO Act to make it stricter.
  • The misuse of mobile phones for immoral activities by children is evident. Lack of proper education on Dharma among the Hindus is leading to such incidents as children are not taught good values. It emphasises the dire need for education on Dharma.

Rewadi (Haryana) – Seven boys gang-raped a ten-year-old girl here. Only one is 18 years of age, rest are between ten and twelve years of age. These culprits shot the video of the act. The incident came to light after the video became viral on social media. The neighbours of the victim saw this video and informed her parents. The parents filed a Police complaint and the Police registered the case. The neighbour of the girl identified the culprits with the help of the video. Police are searching for the accused who posted this viral video on social media.