No fundamental Right is conferred on any religion to degrade other religions : Karnataka High Court

The High court quashed the petition of the propagators of Christianity to cancel the complaint lodged by a Hindu lady for their insulting Geeta and Quran

The Christian missionaries always demean and insult other religions, especially Hindu Dharma. No secularist or progressive in the country ever raise his voice against this.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The Karnataka High Court observed that no fundamental right is conferred on any religion to degrade other religions. While professing any religion, the religious heads or professing by any person should not degrade other religion, Justice HP Sandesh observed while refusing to quash a criminal complaint alleging degradation of religion by the accused.

  1. One woman had filed a complaint that the accused came to her residence and degraded other religions stating that neither Bhagavad-Gita nor Quran will provide any peace of mind or comes to any rescue of any person except Yesu Christ. (In such case, why did Jesus Christ not protect the millions of Christians who died in the US and Europe due to coronavirus pandemiic ? – Editor) The accused approached the High Court seeking to quash the order taking cognizance of the complaint. The accused contended that the same violates Articles 14, 21 and 25 of the Constitution of India.
  2. While considering the petition, the Court noted that there are specific allegations against the accused that they have degraded the other religion. They said that other religious scripts does not say anything about anticipation of tsunami and only Yesu Christ can protect them. These words are uttered while propogating with deliberate intention to wound the religious feelings of other religion.
  3. When such being the facts of the case, it attracts Section 298 of IPC. Hence the petition to quash the the criminal complaint is dismissed.