Amid Allopathy vs Ayurveda row, Court admonishes IMA Chief not to ‘Propagate any Religion’

‘Do not propagate Chrsitianity from the dais of IMA’

  • Why not a single member of IMA told this to their President what the Court has pointed out ? Or do they agree with the President ?
  • IMA is a non-Government voluntary organisation and it was established by the British to propagate Christianity. Does this mean that its President has freedom to make statements favouring conversion of Hindus to Christian religion ?

New Delhi – A Delhi Court directed IMA president J A Jayalal not to use the organisation’s platform to propagate any religion, and cautioned him that loose comment cannot be expected from a person chairing the responsible post. Additional District Judge Ajay Goel passed the order in a suit filed against Jayalal for allegedly starting a defamatory campaign against the Hindu religion by way of promoting Christianity, in the garb of proving superiority of Allopathic medicines over Ayurveda in treatment of COVID-19 patients.

  1. Complainant Rohit Jha stated that Jayalal is taking the umbrage of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), misusing his position and misleading the nation and its citizens in order to convert Hindu to Christian religion. Citing articles and interviews of the IMA president, Jha sought a direction from the Court to restrain him from writing, speaking in media, or publishing any content which is defamatory to Hindu religion or Ayurveda.
  2. The Court said on 3rd June that no injunction is required based on the assurance given by the Jayalal that he will not indulge in such kind of activity. He shall not use the platform of IMA for propagating any religion and rather shall concentrate for welfare of the medical fraternity and progress in the medical field. The Additional District Judge directed in an order passed on 3rd June.
  3. The Court further asked him not to indulge in any activity contrary to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India and maintain the dignity of the position chaired by him. The district judge pulled up the chief and said, any kind of unguarded or loose comment cannot be expected from someone chairing the responsible post. IMA is a prestigious institution, such a platform cannot be used to propagate an individual’s views on any religion.
  4. During the course of proceedings, the litigant told the Court that Jayalal took advantage of his position for Chirstian missionary activities and also used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to convert medical students, doctors and patients to Christianity.