An integrated treatment of allopathic medicine and Ayurveda has benefited Covid-19 patients with faster recovery

Ahmedabad’s Covid Hospital’s research

Based on the research, the public feels that the Central Government should consider promoting Ayurvedic medicines increasingly in the entire nation.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – A research carried out in one of Asia’s largest hospitals, with a 1,200 bed Covid Care Centre shows that recovery among Covid-19 patients administered with Ayurvedic medicine along with allopathic treatment was faster. With the prior consent of the patients, they were given an integrated treatment of Ayurveda and allopathic medicine which had benefited them. In the research carried out on 26 patients, it was observed that there were no casualties despite some patients’ critical condition at the time of their admissions.

Patients were divided into two groups – standard treatment group (STG) and Ayurvedic treatment group (ATG). Ayurvedic medicines were administered to ATG patients and no Ayurvedic treatment was given to STG patients. ATG patients recovered faster compared to STG patients. No ATG patient needed ICU facility and some recovered within three days while not a single patient of the STG group recovered in three days.