Derogatory depiction of Shriram and Sita in modern attire in the Web Series ‘Ramyug’

Protest through social media and by Bollywood actors

  • Patriots and devout Hindus raised their voice against the repeated denigration of Hindu Deities and
  • National Heroes through several web series. Therefore, the Government made a law for the producers.
  • However, the denigration of Hindu Deities continues since there is no provision for stringent punishment to the defaulters. To put an end to this, strong unity of Hindus is the need of the hour.
(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration –  Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Mumbai – Kunal Kohli, the Producer -Director of web series ‘Ramyug’ has tried to portray Hindu Deities Shriram, Sita Mata and other seats of Hindu faith with a touch of modernity, and hence, this web series is being criticised at all levels. It is being screened on OTT Platform of MX player from 6th May.

Director Kunal Kohli said, “Presently, people are depressed and demotivated owing to the pandemic. Our country is going through a very challenging period. I hope that people will get energy through this web series”. This web series has not been liked by the devotees of Shriram for its derogatory presentation in a modern manner with no connection to the spiritual aspects.

In this web series, the characters of Shriram and Lakshman are shown with a beard, Sita Mata is shown in modern attire. Throughout this web series, dialogues do not in sync with the original Ramayan period. The dialogues are modern, actors too appear modern. King Vali is shown with a ‘tattoo’ on his body and his dress too appears like that of a demon.

No research on Ramayan !

“The Producer of this web series has spent crores of Rupees on expensive sets, special effects, costumes, etc. but has failed to conduct research on ‘Ramayan’. Normally, we should feel joy upon seeing Shriram; but in this series, viewers are sad to see the character of Shriram”, said Gufi Paintal, who played the role of Shakuni mama in Yash Chopra’s series on Mahabharat.

Respect our seats of faith !

“Ramayan and Mahabharat are our seats of faith. Hence, they must be presented well. Ramayan is not a story, it is our history. It is erroneous to present it as Bahubali, you have no right to destroy our seats of faith. It is our ideal. If you are interested in presenting the Ramayan, give prominence to faith in it”, said Mukesh Khanna, a senior actor.