Rename National Capital Delhi as ‘Indraprastha’! – Demands BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy

  • To use names of villages and cities as changed by Islamic and other invaders is a mark of slavery. The name of Delhi as well as the ancient names of all the cities of the country should be searched for and renamed accordingly. This will surely be done in the Hindu Rashtra.
  • It’s not proper that patriots and devout Hindus have to make such demands. Hindus expect the Government to make such changes on its own.

New Delhi – In a tweet, the senior BJP leader and MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote, ”Hindu Renaissance requires the renaming of New Delhi as Indraprastha. Research of Dr. Neera Misra of is sufficient for renaming. A great sage in Tamil Nadu told me that unless the Capital of India is named Indraprastha, we shall remain a nation in conflict”.

Along with Mahabharat, Indraprastha mentioned in British and Mughal period also

Dr. Neera Mishra has collected many evidences in her report, which shows Delhi was formerly named ‘Indraprastha’. The Mahabharat also mentions this. It also has a mention in the British notification of the year 1911. In the revenue and other records of British and Mughal period also, the name of Delhi is mentioned as ‘Indraprastha’.