Two killed in UP’s Chitrakoot jail after shooting by a hooligan !

Police shot dead the hooligan

  • The law and order situation in the entire State of Uttar Pradesh is extremely pathetic. Now such a dismal state in the prison also is a shame for the Police !
  • How do guns reach the prison ? Are the Police in the prison sleeping or providing support secretly ? An investigation should be conducted to ascertain this !

Chitrakoot (U.P.) – In a shooting incident between two rival gangs in the prison, two hooligans, Mukim Kala and Merazuddin were killed by another hooligan Anshu Dixit. Anshu Dixit was recently transferred from Sultanpur jail to Chitrakoot jail. Both the hooligans who were killed were considered close to don-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari.

After killing the two hooligans, Anshu Dixit held 5 prisoners hostage. Although the Police appealed and warned him, he was adamant not to free them and tried to kill them. In retaliation, the Police opened fire and he was killed instantly.