Sexual favour demanded from a girl seeking oxygen cylinder for her ailing father

  • Such lustful people should be imprisoned for life ! Why do Police not take cognisance of such incidents on their own and book the accused ? Or is it that the Police no longer take it as their responsibility ?
  • Why is National Commission for Women (NCW) silent on this incident ? Why is it not demanding to arrest the accused ?

New Delhi – A disgusting incident had occurred where a girl was asked to offer sex in return for an oxygen cylinder, she desperately needed for her Covid infected father.

Victim girl was in search of an oxygen cylinder for her Covid infected father when her neighbour demanded sex with her in exchange of oxygen cylinder. The person demanded sexual favours in a very indecent and demeaning manner. The victim girl then revealed the incident through a Twitter post. The post evoked outrage on social media with demands being made to arrest the accused.