Dead body of Covid affected person thrown into river by hospital staff in Katihar (Bihar)

  • Such insensitive and anti-social staff should be given life imprisonment by the Government
  • Why is the administration not taking any action when  such incidents are happening persistently in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar since the last few days ? Or is the administration waiting for the Court to issue an order regarding this ?

Katihar (Bihar) – An incident of a hospital staff throwing the dead body of a Covid affected patient into the river has come to light. This incident comes in the wake of the recent report of more than 100 dead bodies found in the Ganga River in Bihar’s Buxar area.

A video of this Katihar incident has become viral in the social media. It is seen in the video that the hospital staff is taking the dead body out from the ambulance and then throwing it into the river. The District Administration has issued an inquiry in this incident. A notice has been issued to the District Surgeon and an order has been passed to send a report within 24 hours.