In Maharajganj (Uttar Pradesh) people are offering prayers to the Sun God twice daily to battle the coronavirus

Since the Government and  the system have not been able to protect the people,  Hindus have to surrender to God, and the Covid pandemic is an example.  If Hindus increase their spiritual energy by doing sadhana, then God will protect them from such diseases.

Maharajganj (Uttar Pradesh) – A large number of patients are dying due to coronavirus infection in villages in Uttar Pradesh. In Gaunaria a village in Maharajganj district, to battle coronavirus, the people have collectively started offering prayers to the Sun God both in the morning and evening. It is a 9 day ritual. The villagers are gathering in the fields outside the village and are offering this prayer.

Village head, Bharti said “It’s not superstition but faith that God will protect us by some miracle as we all are affected due to this. Besides we should wear masks and also follow social distancing.”