Woman molested in front of her husband in a private hospital in Patna

Hospital allegedly involved in black market of oxygen supply

Bihar Government must investigate the matter and reveal the truth !

Patna (Bihar) – A woman’s husband was admitted in a private hospital here after getting infected with Covid. Oxygen was being supplied in black due to shortage. The woman purchased oxygen by paying extra money; however, her husband succumbed to Covid. In an interview with a news channel, the woman blamed medical negligence for her husband’s death. She also accused the doctor and hospital staff of molesting her in front of her husband. She told that her husband was helpless while she was being molested.

  1. The woman told that her husband was admitted in a private hospital after getting fever on 9th April. One of the hospital’s staffs molested her while she was besides her husband. As her husband’s health deteriorated, he was then shifted to another hospital where he was kept in ICU. Many patients were dying there. One of the patients called for doctor and collapsed, injuring his head; yet, nobody attended him. She also accused Doctors and nurses of watching movies on their phones.
  2. The woman’s sister also accused the doctors and hospital staff of looking at her sister with ill intentions. Many a times they even attempted to touch her. The hospital sold an oxygen cylinder for Rs 50,000 each, citing its shortage.