A gang arrested for stealing and reselling clothes of dead coronavirus patients

Let alone Spirituality, this is the result of not being able to instil any moral values in the society by the political leaders after Independence till day.

The Government should imprison such unethical immoral people.

Baghpat (UP) – The Police have arrested a group of 7 people who stole clothes and shrouds from dead bodies of Covid-19 patients from crematoriums, and sold them after putting branded logos on it. The names of these accused are Praveen Jain, Ashish Jain, Rishabh Jain,Shravan Kumar Sharma, Raju Sharma, Ishwar Sharma and Mobin. The Police have seized a large number of such clothes.

According to the information given by CO Alok Singh of the Baraut Police Station, during a Police investigation on the 9th of May,, the Police found some branded clothes in a car. As the Police got apprehensive about it, they demanded receipts and other documents related to the purchase of these clothes; but no such documents were provided. After further interrogation by the Police, the thieves confessed to stealing and selling clothes from the dead bodies of coronavirus victims. According to Police sources this activity has been going on for the last 2 years.