Seven people died due to late arrival of an oxygen tanker

Oxygen tanker driver loses way

This can happen only in India ! How such a driver who was not aware of the route sent to deliver oxygen ? It is evident from this mistake how irresponsible the system is in the war against coronavirus.

Hyderabad (Telangana) – A driver transporting the oxygen tanker forgot the route delaying oxygen supply to 7 coronavirus patients leading to the loss of their life. In the Government run King Koti Hospital, coronavirus afflicted patients are undergoing treatment.  Among them, seven were in a critical condition and needed immediate oxygen. Due to a drop in the pressure of the oxygen flow in the hospital, the patients lost their lives.

The hospital administration had reported ta low flow of oxygen from the oxygen tanker of the hospital and the authorities had arranged for a refill. The tanker that went for a refill lost its way and 7 people died due to not getting the required oxygen. The Naryanguda Police traced the tanker and guided it to the hospital; but there was a lot of delay by the time the tanker arrived.