Christian Pastor arrested for raping a woman !

Realise the lust-driven Pastors ! Media will never speak about the misdeeds of Pastors; it is only interested in cooking up false accusations against Hindu Saints !

Kendrapara (Odisha) – A woman, working as a housekeeper at ‘Lutheran Mahila Samiti’ childcare and old age home, was raped repeatedly and forced into motherhood by a 60-year-old Christian Pastor Kunjbihari Das. Das was arrested by the Police. The victim is homeless and mentally challenged. Jagannath Tripathi, brother of Protestant Christian Organisation’s President Pramila Tripathi, is also involved in the crime and is on the run. (Hindus don’t change their names even after embracing another religion. And so, any crime committed by them looks as if it is committed by a Hindu ! Hereafter, a law must be passed mandating the converts to change their names ! – Editor)

Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (OSCPCR) Chairperson Sandhyabati Pradhan visited the old age home after receiving the complaint and inquired about the sexual exploitation of a woman worker. She instructed the Police to take legal action. The Pastor was then arrested.

Victim’s husband is serving a jail sentence in a murder case that took place in 2014. The woman bore children in 2016 and 2018. Pramila Tripathi sold those children under the pretext of adoption without even taking the victim’s consent. (Organisations run by Christians under the guise of humanity are apparently involved in antisocial activities ! Such organisations must be banned immediately ! – Editor) Lutheran Mahila Samiti receives aid from the State’s Women and Child Welfare Commission and being registered under ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Act’, it also receives funding from the United States of America and Italy.

Demands are made for investigating whether other mentally challenged women working in Lutheran Mahila Samiti are targeted and used for surrogacy and the children bore by these women are being sold in foreign countries.