A Policeman resigns for being treated as servant by his senior officers

  • It is very common for senior Police officers to treat their junior Policemen like personal servants. It is necessary to properly investigate and make the required changes in the Police manual.
  • If the complaint lodged by the Policeman is genuine, will the Police Officers take any action on this complaint and punish the concerned Police Officer ?

Dhamtari (Chhattisgarh) – A Policeman Ujjwal Diwan submitted his resignation to the Superintendent of Police (SP), alleging that senior Police Officers use him as a domestic helper making him do odd jobs like washing utensils, gardening etc. and if he tries to speak it out, the Officer uses abusive language. Ujjwal Diwan has circulated a video on social media about this harassment.

In a statement submitted by Ujjwal Diwan, he said, ”On raising the issue with his senior, he is abused by citing the old Police Act. If junior Policemen complain, or talk about their rights,  Seniors give notice and suspend them without any investigation”.

In his complaint, he further said, ”On making a request to the Government for not cutting one day’s salary for the coronavirus infection, they transferred him to the Naxal area at Mechaka. He was ready to go there; but was not given enough time to go there”.

Ujjwal Diwan has been working in the Police force for the last 11 years. Although his resignation was been received by the Superintendent of Police, it is revealed that it has not been accepted.

Reacting to this complaint, Assistant Superintendent of Police Manisha Thakur said, “Ujjwal Diwan was transferred as per administrative order but he did not go there. He gave a number of reasons for not going. This kind of behaviour of a Policeman is not right”.