Covid Task Force’s advice to Central Government

Impose lockdown in the country immediately !

New Delhi – Advising the Central Government, members of the ‘Covid Task Force’ said, “We have been telling continuously since the last few days that people should be made aware regarding the importance of lockdown. Currently there is a need for a nationwide lockdown and not merely a partial lockdown as the coronavirus is increasing in the entire country.” V.K. Paul is heading the Covid Task Force and gives information directly to PM Narendra Modi. The Task Force includes several experts from organisations such as AIMS and ICMR.

A member of the Task force said, “We are looking at the situation from a wrong perspective. There is a limit to make the health care system ideal. Although there is some improvement with regard to the supply of oxygen, still there is a shortage of oxygen due to the rapid increase in number of patients. Coronavirus spreads from one person to another. In such a situation, the ideal method is to break the spread of transmission by imposing a lockdown”.