Enough of the delay, start supplying oxygen today !

  • Delhi HC slams Centre on oxygen shortage !
  • 8 Covid patients, including a doctor, died in Delhi’s Batra Hospital due to lack of oxygen supply !

New Delhi – The Delhi High Court on 1st May slammed the Central Government for not providing the requisite amount of oxygen to the national capital. The High Court directed the Centre to supply 490 metric tonnes of allocated oxygen to Delhi during the day itself or face contempt action, taking note of eight deaths at Batra Hospital in the city due to lack of oxygen supply. “Things seem to have gone out of control. Now we mean business. Enough is enough,” a Bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said during the hearing. Some of the hospitals in Delhi had filed a petition in HC citing non-availability of oxygen supply. Delhi Government complained that it is not even receiving the allotted amount. The concerned case is being heard daily in the HC.

The Bench said the Centre has made an allocation of 490 metric tonnes of oxygen to Delhi and it must fulfil it. The transportation responsibility also falls on the Centre. ‘Central Government’s decision to supply oxygen came on 20th April; ever since, not a single day it provided the allotted amount of oxygen. Nobody is asking you for the additional supply. If you fail to supply oxygen today, the Court will hear your side on 3rd May’, said the Bench.

Take Army’s assistance !

The Court said, ‘If you take Army’s assistance, they will work as per their system.