China clandestinely appoints new Army Commander in Tibet region

Possibility of another clash with India !

Given the treacherous reputation of China, India must always stay alert and vigilant ! India should be prepared to give a befitting reply, should China resort to any misadventure !

Beijing (China) – China has clandestinely appointed a new Army Commander in Tibet while India is tackling the surging Covid crisis. Lieutenant General Wang Kai appeared in a Communist Party history education class on Monday as the new commander of the Tibet military region, under the Western Theatre Command. Wang Kai formerly led the 13th Group Army, a unit that is known as ‘Tiger in the Mountains’ and specialises in fighting in tough landscapes. Thus, the speculations of another aggression are being talked about.

China apparently does not wish to de-escalate the ongoing tensions on Ladakh border. China has not summoned its soldiers from the border even after several commander level talks with India. Commander Wang Kai’s appointment adds to the suspicion.

Song Zhongping, a former instructor with the China’s People’s Liberation Army, said Wang Kai’s promotion was related to his rich combat experience, as the Tibet region was an area of concern for Beijing.