Son of a retired Army serviceman dies due to Corona

Father accuses system of causing severe hassles to get the dead body

The limitations of the present system are coming to light on a daily basis in the present coronavirus pandemic. Realise that rulers of all parties until now are responsible for this situation !

Kanpur (UP) – Kargil war hero Subedar Major (Retired) Hari Ram Dubey lost his 31-year-old son to Covid-19. The retired serviceman said, ’I served my motherland from 1981 till 2011 and was posted from Kargil to Baramulla to Ladakh and Lukung. I eliminated terrorists in Baramulla and fought against Pakistan in Kargil but the system could not save my son. Now, I have to run around to complete the necessary paperwork. My son is dead and now this kind of treatment amounts to harassment”.