One out of every 4 persons getting tested in Bengal is corona positive

Adverse effects of Assembly election campaigns

Will the Election Commission leaders and all the parties responsible for this situation take any atonement ?

Kolkata – For the last one month, Assembly elections have been going on at eight levels in Bengal. Due to this election taking place during the second wave of Corona, the number of corona victims has increased rapidly. Upon investigation, one of two persons undergoing RT-PCR tests in Kolkata and its suburbs is turning out to be Covid positive. In the rest of the State, one of four RT-PCR report is Covid positive. It’s a fivefold jump since the beginning of the month. According to a Government doctor, the actual number of Covid positive is much higher. The number of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients is high. It is revealed that such people are not getting tested.

A month ago notice was sent to the Election Commission demanding a ban on election rallies

Former Uttar Pradesh Police General Manager Vikram Singh said that they had sent a notice to the Election Commission a month ago. They had stated that Covid Protocol was being violated in Bengal, and hence had demanded a ban on electoral meetings. They had made this demand at that time; which was totally ignored by the Commission. Had the Commission taken steps at the right time, this situation would not have arisen.