India may initiate provocations on the border to distract people’s attention from worsening covid-19 pandemic !

Chinese Government’s mouthpiece Global Times’ false uproar  !

Indians feel that China itself will misuse the present situation in India caused by coronavirus. Chinese Government’s mouthpiece is misleading the world with such false uproar ! 

Beijing (China)– ‘As Covid-19 pandemic continues to worsen in India, the country may turn to old tricks. India may provoke on its borders with China or Pakistan to distract people’s attention’, reports Chinese Government’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ diplomatically.

‘Global Times’ further stated, “Based on New Delhi’s prior patterns, every time when there is a vital crisis at home, India has always tried to distract attention by stirring up trouble on external issues, such as border issue. Tensions on China-India border have been relieved to some extent, but China needs to maintain sharp vigilance and get ready to deal with potential fresh moves by India at the border”.