Irregularities and financial mismanagement observed in the audit of Shri Kolluru Mookambika Temple

Devasthan and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh of Karnataka has demanded that the concerned officials must take action against the erring people !

We are the Governing members of Devasthan and Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh, Karnataka. We work for the protection of Temples, monuments, safeguard the interests of Temple properties and spread awareness of Hindu culture in Hindu society.

During a recent meeting of our Committee members, we went through the Audit Reports of Shri Kolluru Mookambika Temple, which were obtained under the Right to Information Act. We were shocked to see the mismanagement, irregularities and possibilities of fraud in the affairs of the Temple.

1. Most shocking behaviour of the temple officers/employees is that they have not bothered to address the audit objections. The Muzrai Department Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the District have also not bothered to look into the matter and thus, the grave issues have been kept pending and more issues are being added every year. There seems to be a method in looting the temple coffers with impunity.

2. The Temple authorities has given advances to contractors for various works to the tune of 2.83 crores in 2018-19. There are no details of amounts given as advances. No bills have been provided either. Advances have been given without taking permission from the competent authorities.

3. The authorities disbursed wages/salaries to fictitious employees; no proper register of employees has been maintained.

4. Gold and jewellery records are deliberately not maintained. This is serious, considering that 4.20 kgs. of gold jewellery was stolen by the then Executive Officer and an FIR was registered in 2016. The situation has not changed since.

5. The authorities have not maintained the details of land and other assets of the Temple.

6. The list of misdemeanours continues …

  • The authorities donated money without sanction, without acknowledgement from the receivers.
  • Various expenditures are not supported by bills/vouchers.
  • From 2005-2018, the authorities paid Rs. 53.93 lakh for school uniforms for which there are no receipts and utilization certificates are absent.
  • In 2011-12 the authorities paid Rs. 2,35,555/- for purchasing buckets & dustbins for the Guesthouse.
  • DC house telephone bills are paid from temple funds for 2018 though it should have been paid by the Karnataka Government.
  • Income from guest houses are not accounted and the dues are Rs. 21.52 lakh as on 31.3.2018.
  • The auditor has kept transactions amounting to Rs. 21.80 crore under Objections.

Therefore, we expect you to take immediate and prompt action according to the law so that such instances are not repeated in the future.